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Sunday, October 01, 2006

Long Time No Hear

Well, well , well. It's been a long time but I shouldn't left you without a dope beat to step to!! Yes, yes kiddies momma has been MIA. Nicolebichie is enroute to the great big apple. No more second hand gossip from fat asses with Hilton on the brain. Since when did all the hispanic queens swim over here, stop cleaning the floors, and started celebrity blogging. I mean really. Anywho who who. That's right we're moving. NB will be back November 1 for all of you gossip hunds looking to invade the private lives of people we don't know and who could give a damn about us. More Cunts of the Month Awards. More torturing of the Barneys Shit-op. And just being the plain ol' katty koon you've come to know and lurrve. Don't you just luurrves it!!

Meantime kids check out;

These should keep you more than entertained!! And don't say I never gave you nuffin... Other than that rash!!

Til November Kids
N Bichie Out

Friday, September 01, 2006

Lots happenin

So lots have been going on since we last spoke. Oh I just lurrrves the VMAs they're just great fun. But before we get to all that whopla, we'll talk about another whopla. The opening of DC's newest gay bar Be BAR. That's right kids your nations captial has a new "hot spot" for the ugly natives to seek other ugly natives to bump pussies together.

Let us first start at the insane line to get in and the fake supermodel/ mexican door guy. Well I'm sure he's not mexican but... you... know.... they all look alike. This moron couldn't even find the birth date on the Id. Honey drop the act of fabulousness and go mow my lawn, also the dishes needs to be done. Then there was his partner in crime the "model". Now if she's a model then Frodo Baggins, hairy feet and all is the newest barebacking porn star. "I've been in a [fashion] show with Eva" ( from America's Next Top Model) Doing what exactly... Steaming clothes and scarying off the homeless. Get a life bich and a plastic surgeon and then we can talk.

The bar itself was cute I must say. Very nicely laid out and a cunt size dance floor. Which we biches always lurrve. But all that jazz was taken away when NB herself had to wait what seemed several hours to get a drink. Ohh and the drink of choice... Candy Martinis. It seems to be the bars specialty.

Lets see, open bar, lots of people crammed into a small space, what's the hardest and probably most time consuming drink I can have my bartenders make.... I mean come on. These poor bartenders one: didn't know what they were doing and two: were slower then snails on a iced freeway. One bartender asking if he could top the already weak drink to his barmate. ( now I know generally that bartenders hate when patrons ask such things but if my alcoholic ass whose paying for the drink cause I don't like getting crush at the bar by all the other cheap drunks cause ya'll asses don't know how to make your own specialty soup du jour THEN BICH TOP MY FUCKING DRINK OFF!!) Excuse me I get a little emotional when people play with my drinking.

Linda Cropp was there doing her song and dance to get the fags to get up and vote for her. Linda you'd be better off passing out condoms in a missionary to two nuns taking it in the missionary postion. Gays vote for two reason if the canidate is cute or if there is a possibility that there will be cute boys in line at the voting booth for them to make out with. Get a life and talk to the Ghettos Next Top Model about maybe joint plastic surgery. You might be able to get a discounted rate!!

Then there were the partygoers themselves. For a minute when it was less crowded and one could enjoy thier candy martini, I looked around and was amazed at the decor and being in a new setting instead of the same ol, same ol. Then I looked down realized "cute new bar.... same ugly ass faces" It's like putting on new clothes but not taking a shower. You may look cute but if you stand close enough it smells poo.

And can someone please hire a socialite to grace down and teach these boys really how it's done. I mean where the fuck are these boys from. Have they been anywhere other then the chicken farm. Ladies ladies, lets get it together. Hell you're already not easy on the eyes don't be an ass as well. They were all standing looking stupid and boring and retarded sort of like Shelley Donathan. The hot Djs were spinning the hottest tracks but the dance floor was hardly full. Also kids don't be cunty to the important people even if they don't look it.

If not for the pretentious smell the crowd was giving off and the idiot bartenders it was quite the splendid night. Ms Bichie got herself drunk and it's nice to have some other options to do when going out. Make sure you go there on Tuesday and Friday nights. They have a cunt party called Pink on Tuesdays. Thrown by Dj Cassidy and Dj Stephaine. And on Fridays is Rewind which is hosted by Dj Mikey Vador. It should be fun! Maybe by then the "model" can reveal her new face and the bartenders will know how to make a drink.

Now onto the VMAs. Of course I chose to go to Be Bar instead of watching the Video Music Awards on MTV, but one still keeps up with the gossip.

There were tons upon ton of parties. From Jessica Simpson to Diddy, and Pharrell Williams.

Timbaland threw a pre-VMA bash at Nikki Beach Midtown to launch his new Mosley Music Group label, and welcomed Hulk Hogan and his family, including pop-singing daughter Brooke. The Hogans had a table that overflowed with Belvedere vodka and champagne while Justin Timberlake finally showed up in public with Cameron Diaz - who seems to have no idea his friends say he's cooling on her.

Vin Diesel sat in the Helio VIP section and demanded "to be surrounded by a lot of beautiful women, preferably with very little on," snickered a source.

Vanessa Minnillo and Nick Lachey raised eyebrows at the bash held at Tenjune. The heated-up lovebirds arrived after Lachey's own party at Cellar Bar wound down and a besotted Minnillo was "all over Nick," said our source - and the feeling was mutual. At one point, Lachey leapt up and gave his woman a steamy, face-to-crotch lap dance. Also there was Ryan Seacrest, who hung all night with Lance Bass and his boy toy Reichen Lehmkuhl. We always knew you were a fag Ryan!

Pharrell Williams partied at Chinatown Brasserie - "There was a fire across the street, so on top of the insane crowd, there were four fire trucks," said a witness. Then, as Williams, Snoop Dogg, Kanye West and Common did interviews on the red carpet, a vicious fight broke out that had to be broken up by the cops.

Inside, a "suspiciously sweaty, and I am talking drenched"' Brandon Davis hung with his benefactor Paris Hilton, who album's a big fat flop, demanded to be taken "to the cute boys," according to a on-scene observer.

Lauren Conrad of 'The Hills" left the Oakley Sunglasses party at Snitch in tears after failing to wrest a table from her ex, Jason Wahler. Munky from Korn was so drunk he had to be helped out by minders.

OutKast duo Andre 3000 and Big Boi missed their party at the new Soho Grand Dome because of storms in Atlanta.

With all that partying one wishes they were in New York a week earlier. Nick Bichie will be in Nyc for Fashion Week just one short week away. Ohh were sooo excited. Drinking champagne, chatting up celebs, doing blow with Lohan in the bathroom!!! Must calm down, must calm down.

Til Next Times Biches
N Bichie out

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Ain't That Just Groovy!

Hey Biches. Another day a another dolla. It seems not that much happen in the celeb gossip world. However I did my damnist to pull something out of Lance Bass' ass to give you this...

It's over already....

It seem that the dynamtic duo Nathan Lane and Matthew Broderick is o v e r, over. Lane and Broderick were working on their new Broadway play a remake of The Odd Couple. It seems that Lane was very annoyed with the former Feris Buller star. The Ny Post's Michael Riedel reported Lane was "cranky" in previews because Broderick was slow to learn his lines. A script girl was planted in the front row in case Broderick needed prompting. Also "He [Lane] was not happy with Matthew's lack of effort, and lack of preparation," said one theater source. The slipt was nothing like say if Broderick wife Sarah Jessica Parker and Kim Catrall were lock in a room together but that the two were very frosty to each other the other night when they sat at the same table at the opening night party for Martin Short's show.

It's really to bad because fan really loved the two in their mega hit The Producers and were really looking forward to seeing this venture. Tickets for Couple sold some $21 million worth of advanced tickets. It was still sold out even after stale reviews. Oh well! Maybe Parker found out Lane and Butterick were ass partners and made him quit. Although they both seem like bottoms... so would that be considered a lesbian affair?! Who knows.

Crazy Cruise Dumped....

It is written that Paramount is ending their 14 year relationship with crazy ol buttfucking scientologist Tom Cruise. Paramount apprently was not happy with the performance of "Mission Impossible 3" at the box office. And to make matters worst Cruise did no one justice, including Oprah's couch, when he went on that crazed profession for his love of his bierd excuse, girlfriend Katie Holmes. Paramount went on to say "As much as we like him personally, we thought it was wrong to renew his deal," Sumner Redstone, Viacom chairman was quoted as saying in the Wall Street Journal. "His recent conduct has not been acceptable to Paramount." Oh Tom ther's always porn. I bet somones laughing. Someone by the name of Nicole Kidman!! Oh and Penelope

Ohh that Britney....

While backstage at the Teen Choice Awards host Jessica *Anal* Simpson ask if she could kiss a pregnant Spears' belly. What was the responds that ol' trailor trash Barbie gave..."HELL NO!" Well I never "Jessica was really insulted, but Britney refused to let her do it," shares one witness. Maaybe Britney thought that Jessica was asking her if Kevin could fuck her up the ass. What it could of happened. Speaking of Federline was said to be happy about that shityous performance saying "I'm happy. I think I pulled it off pretty well. (But) I'm overly critical of myself."

Couple of the day?....

Brody Jenner has denied reports of dating his "childhood friend" Nicole Richie. But it seems that the couple have move from child pals to straight up fucking. A source close to the couple say that the two have been going out for a couple of weeks and are taking things slow. Well good luck to the two of them. Will this spell a future dance off/ slap fest between Richie and Jenner's ex Kristen Cavallri? We'll see....

It's that time again....

Lets take a second to give out another prestigious Cunt Of the Month Award. This award goes out to Stephen Garcia. He recieve this award for his performance as the Best Actor in a retail drama. Your performance as the over paid, insecure, selfish, almost retarded manager who seems to still keep your job even though you put all the work off on your already over worked fellow managers. If you treat your boyfriends the way you treat your co- workers then you'll probably have to move back to Texas and start sucking George Bush's Dick. Or your own, you douche bag faggot! You have no sense of responsibility, no respect, and appreciation of pepole who are basically saving your ass and your job! Enjoy your award just try to keep it from the plate of shit which you eat everynight. or is it cocks... who knows!

Till Next Time Biches

N Bichie out!

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

from the like of whom?!

Hey biches we're trying out a new bigger font. You know I lurrrves to try new things like the cheese steak from my favorite restaurant YUUUUUMMMMMSSSSS!!! Yums if you guys did not quite catch that. Oh I just lurrve me some YUMS!!!! It's like they put crack or somethin in their steak & cheeses. And that mombo sauce. Excuse me I'm slobbing. Anywho now onto the news.

Osama and Whitney?!

Well it seems that everyones favorite terrorist Osama bin Laden has quite the crush on Mizz Whitney Houston. According to Kola Boof, (just google her biches) she use to be a sex slave of bin Laden and is penning a new book all about her life and times of herself titled "Diary of a Lost Girl" Boof claims that while being force to shack up with bin Laden he would constitantly talk about Crackney. "[He would say] how beautiful she is" Boof says and "what a nice smile she has, how truly Islamic she is but is just brainwashed by American western culture and her husband Bobby Brown. Whom bin Laden has talk about having killed as if it were a normal thing to do- kill off people husbands. (Could you do it pleeease!) Boof goes on to say "It would come soon to a point where I was sick of hearing Whitney Houstons name. Boy oh boy. I would just like to know where he gets his drugs from cause I don't need that dealer!!

Get him he stole my dildo...

Yet another rapper is arrested for something. Busta Rhymes whose real name is Trevor Smith was all mum when questioned by police about the murder of his bodyguard Israel Ramirez. Cops tried to question Rhymes after he was arrested at a concert for third-degree assault, harassment, and criminal possession of a weapon. It seems that Busta and a couple of his fuck buddies, I mean associates roughed up a man who spat on his SUV. According to the criminal complaint, Rhymes kicked Roberto Lebron, of the Bronx, repeatedly in the head and body, causing several lacerations (bet you Shit-op biches didn't think I knew a word so big) and a concussion. Lebron filed charges against Rhymes a few days later. Hustla's lawyers claims that "This is just payback by the NYPD" [for not shit-operating in the Ramirez investigation] continuing "They put him in the system as a payback. He recieved a desk-appearance ticket. Thank god the judge let him out!" Hustla Rhymes was held for more than 12 hours and then let go.

I tell ya these rappers are getting more and more queeny by the minute. Far coats, diamond necklaces, manicures, $100, 000 worth of lube, dildos, whips, chains, handcuffs, blind-folds. Oh wait that last part was my Amex bill. *oops* Basically don't mess wit them gurrls cause you'll draw back a nub.

*Anal* Jackasses?...

It seems that Chris Pontius, one of the members of Johnny Knoxville's goofy daredevil crew, has penned a song about the sexual exploits of Jessica *ANAL* Simpson. Pontius has wrote a song about Simpson and Bam Margera's hook-up sometime last year while Simpson was still married to Nick Lachey. In the song it states thats Simpson loves a kinky form of intercourse *Anal* that's too much for me to even repeate *Anal*

Jessica's publist, Rob Shuter, dismisses the song saying "There's no truth to it. Bam has been using Jessica's name to get himself attention for a long time." The fling rumors were so heavy last year, esp when Bam's dad Phil blurted out that his son and Simpson had slept together. A flustered Bam admitted he'd once been in the same bed with Simpson, but insisted he fell asleep and nothing sexual [*Anal*] happened. More attention to the Jackass alum his uncle Vincent "Vido" Margera was recently arrested Friday night at a skateboarding show in Lakewood, Colo., on charges of "inappropriately touching" a 12-year-old girl. Those Margeras they sure lurrves them some *Anal*

Ps it is also "Rumored" that Johnny K. himself also got down and *Anal* I mean dirrty with the busty singer. Wow maybe I should send her a hugh tub of KY for christmas!!

Is he the new Gay to Cum out.....

Check out to find out why.

Ahh the loving couple

We really lurrrves our gays....

I would like to take the time to say can we please get some security for the office. More and more riff-raff, no I don't mean that cunt Dani, have been entering the office. Let me just say this is a place of business and not a place to call the police to evict your deadbeat roommate, or check your Black planet, Myspace etc. Also while I'm on this rant. I elect that Georgetown is the new "GeorgiaAveTown" given the recent crime and all and accordingly we need a Popeyes and a YUUUMMMMSSS!! So please write to your local council member and petition to get these two great, fine establishments into the new GeorgiaAveTown today! Oh I just got a new friend request on Myspace....

Til next time Biches
N. Bichie out

Ps We did try to use the new, bigger font but... it just did not look right! Sorry biches. A bich must look perfect always, even if her spelling is not. Oh and Cintia we'll miss you. You were the only one with any shred of competency in that place. Now... they have none. Say hi to Iggy for me and enjoy Chi-Town!!

Friday, August 18, 2006

The usual mix

What's the deal pickles?! As the Huggy Lowdown would say. It's been a slow week for the gossip monger. Not drinking wise of course. One might have to check themselves into "rehab". Must... remeber... not to... black out. Do not black out whatever you do.... Whose bottle of absolute is this?!

The Devil wears poly/ cotton blend?

It would seem that Anna Wintour, editor of Vogue magazine and the boss of a life time, is spitting fire once again. According to "PAGE SIX", Anna enlisted the help of David Monn, an interior designer turned party planner, to organize and design the Costume Institute Gala at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. You know that big swing-dig that Anna and the minions of Vogue attend every year, that I've never recieve an invite to.... maybe it's still in the mail? Anywhoo. Well when Vogue mentioned the gala it seems to have forgot to mention Monn altogether. And Monn is non to please about it.

"David was very angry," said a source. "He worked very hard to create the gala last May, and it looked beautiful. But then Vogue covered the event in the July issue and made no mention of him whatsoever. They mentioned all of the Vogue staffers who were there - but not him. He was livid." When Wintour went to ask Monn to do it again this time around the party planner said..... "NO" Can you imagine? Oh god her head probably spun around and then spit out fire!! Wintour, apparently unaware Monn's feelings were hurt, tried to contact Monn this week to get him to sign on for next year's event - but he told her, "No way."

"Anna is furious," says another source. "No one has ever fired The Queen! Can you imagine? Scandal!" Wintour, too, has a right to be angry. It seems that Monn got paid for his services when others volunteered. "David was paid hundreds of thousands of dollars," the source explained. "He was paid while most everyone else donated money or their time. The event is for charity, and all the big designers buy tables for $50,000 and advertisements. Anna herself donates a lot of money. And he gets paid cash and wants a mention? Ridiculous!" I give the guy balls, not very many people say 'no' to Miniontour and finds themselves alive. You go gurrl!

Kimora can read...

It's so that Kimora Lee Slutimmons, excuse me Simmons is doing a talk show. Who'd a guess it?! It's also so that Lil' Kim will be her first guest. Kim makes an appearence for the pilot episode. Which I'm sure will last for years to come. Do we remeber her last talk show.... exactly. When ask why Kim did the show: "Kimora forced her. She sent a car for her."

Kim I'm going to need for you to get out of carpet munching mode and back to giving "dick to jaw, dick to jaw"

Tranny or a just a man?

Brandon Davis... still a fatass and a dumbass

He just won't let go of that "firecrotch" rant he pulled some weeks ago while boozing with that one eyed pirate Paris Hilton. It seems that while attending Hilton's cd release party, Davis jump on stage where he proceeded to announce to the crowd that he has recorded a song of his own: "I wrote a special new song called 'Firecrotch,' and it for Lindsay Lohan" It's rumored that the 'Firecrotch' song is the real deal. And is said to be produced by Scott Storch, who produce Hilton's current effort, as well as acts for Lil' Kim, Jay-Z, and Christina Aguilera among others.

Brandon I mean really. What did the girl do to you, not share her blow?! Get a life or a job. Hey listen you can hang around me so that when I'm ready to have sex with my boyfriend and run out of lube, I can just take some oil that excretes from your body and use that. I feel like you'd be a big hit in the gay community. Well once you drop like 180 pounds!! Call me

Kate you naughty girl....

It seems that Kate Hudson has pulled a Brad Pitt. It's rumored that Kate Hudson and her 'You, Me, and Dupree" co-star Owen Wilson have been getting it on. According to the New York Daily News "This is not [just] a fling," Us reported that a source said, claiming the two shared hotel rooms while filming "You, Me and Dupree," as well as nights at his Los Angeles home. Katie you dirty, dirty bird. Just tell us is he packing? I mean Owen is quite tall. Come on.... come on....

Now where did I put that dildo..... Brandon!! Get that out of your mouth! No and don't put it there either! A girl's gonna have to find one of those baby fences or a leash.

Til next time kids
N. Bichie Out

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Oh yes ain't that fresh!

What's been going on kids! It seems that it is curtains for celebrities these days. And no not the Martha Steward ones you get from K-Mart. Lets see what has been going on....


It seems that good old reliable coke nut ANDY DICK has really gone bonkers. Andy was on had for Comedy Central's roast of William Shatner, when all of a sudden, according to the NY POST'S "PAGE SIX", Dick went mad after Patton Oswalt's comment of the wack jobs performance in the Jessica Simpson video for "Public Affair" Dick went on to licking the faces of Farrah Fawcett, Carrie Fisher, and Patton himself! Ohh but wait, it gets better. Then later at the after party page six's Mandy Stadtmiller was groped by a drunk Dick, he then tried to kiss her, proclaimed his love for her and then... bit... her... on the hand! Oh god I just lurrrves it!!

Dick went on to piss, that's right piss, in front of Stadtmiller. Offer her cocaine while saying 'baby please" six times and then "Put something nice in." Dick went on to say he was going to fuck the shit out of Fawcett, and to "put that in Page 6, 7, and 8, that's how big my cock is." Yeees, oh god yeeees! Finally Dick said when ask why he urinated in front of Stadtmiller he explained "You know why I don't close the door? Because then people think I'm doing drugs, and I want you to know I'm just normal"

Boy I love when celebs fall. Speaking of....

George is that you?!

Boy George reported for his court ordered community service. You remember back in the winter when Georgie was all fuck up on blow and god knows what else and then call the police to report that he had been robbed. Only to not hide the stash of cocaine next to the computer which police found and arrested the crooner. You know that little mishap. One can tell you the Georgie was none to happy about the service. Especially when the Department of Sanitation broke out that lovely Day-Glo orange vest for Georgie to ware.

Boygeorgina went on to say "fuck off" several times to the press and "What d'ya think - you're better than me?" And also such classic line as "Go home! Let me do my community service. This is suppose to humble me!" When in Brooklyn Georgina was asked how he felt. "I don't feel anything" he snapped. The person went on to say "I think you're really pathetic." To which Georgina shot back: "You're the one following me cleaning! Who needs to get a fucking life? Fuck off!!"

Geeze those Brits sure likes using the word "FUCK" Why isn't that country's population over taking China's?!

While we're mentioning Brits....

It seems that once again Koke, 'xcuse, Kate Moss and Pete Doherty are back together again and livin it up! The two were seen in a London pub boozin, singin, havin a few lines, I mean laughs, laughs I tell ya. Ahh Kate I know what this is all about... staying close to you're dealer. Hey I ain't judgin. A girls gotta do what a girls gotta do!!

Lil Wayne and drugs?! Are you sure? I'da never of guess it!

Yup it seem that the New Orleans rapper was arrested in Atlanta yesterday. According to police he had several drugs in his possession. He was booked and released on bond. Listen Wayne now, don't be stingy. A bich needs her bumps, oh and Kate, and Pete want an 8- ball! Holla

Check out what Travis Barker had to say about his slut wife Shanna on his myspace page It ranting, raving, and ignorant and we just love it!!

Till next time biches
N. Bichie out

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Well talk about a sh*t storm!!

Well... Well... Well! It's been hell and high water since my assistant Vic-T made a special post. But we'll talk about that later.

On to more pressing matters.

Mizz Coke... I mean Kate Moss. Silly me. This damn heat. It seems that cocaine will extent your career. We all remeber that little mishap in the London recording studio. You know the one when Moss went gaga over a line or six. We also remeber the (bullshit) "fall out" from it. Lost of contracts with Chanel, H&M, and not seen for awhile in the Burberry ads. WELL it seems that Kate is back and on top, of the counter top chopping lines. Damn there it goes again. No no. It seems that Moss will be in 8, yeah count 'em 8 ads this fall in Bristish Vogue alone! Including Louis Vuitton, Longchamp, Versace, and of course Burberry. Damn, not bad for a women who made 11 million last year while in rehab. Someone pass me a credit card and a mirror.

Taradize in deed!

It seems that Tara Reid has been terrorizing all of Hollywood, and not just all of the world, which face it Hollywood is the world, so I guess she is terrorizing the world. Oh god someone get me an air conditioner. Not only did the boozer get into with Fatrez Hilton at a recent party, but according to the overwieght hustler, sorry blogger, Reid got into with Blu Cantrell. It seems that while at a party Reid, trashed of course, walk up to Cantrell tried to get the singer kicked out of the party. Then proceeded to say the immortal words "Blu, you are just jealous because I'm prettier than you and more famous and have lots more money." Ha ha we just lurrrves that Tara. It's like eating mexican on an upset stomach. Might as well bring the toilet paper with you!

Who knew Donald Trump had a blog?

Yep he sure does. Check it out on The Trump Blog. My god what isn't his name on. Toilet paper perhaps to go with my mexican food!!

Kevin Federline- Sexy symbol/ Fashionista??

Uh Hmmm! Not only was K-Fed recently on the cover of two magazines, Item and Steppin' Out, but he's also getting a feature in GQ hitting newsstands August 19th! Kevin's been a busy little free loader! I guess maybe Britney can live off of him now................................. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. This heat is just out of control!

Just recently my assistant Vic-T did some ranting and raving, carrying on in a most ignorant way... And we lurrrves it!!

Listen there is one thing you need to get straight about Nick Bichie, we don't like you bichies. Especially you CO-OP bichies. Furthermore it is our OPINIONS which we display on Nicole Bichie. It just happens to be that our opinion is correct, even if our spelling is not. So if you cunt bichies don't like what you see then don't read this fucking blog dipshits.

In fact you might not want to read any further then this.



Oh yeah so our opinions happen to be fact like....

FACT: Danielle you make fun of Dudley ALL of the time. Calling him fat, and that he looks like a certain dinosaur for which your job namesake is.

FACT: Shelley one of your Employees (maybe past, maybe present) you figure it out you dumb cunt, thinks your boyfriend is a "piss ant" I believe is the words they used. And that your relationship is going nowhere, he's never going to marry you and is probably cheating on you. I mean who could blame him!

FACT: Danielle several, excuse me, all , well most, (which I guess could be considered several...) anyway of your employees can't stand that shittyeous attitude in which you have. Which could probably explain why you are without a boyfriend!

FACT: Dudley your subordinates think you are a joke... because you are.

FACT: Dani checks her boyfriend's email, myspace, probably bank accounts, etc. on the daily. Like the insecure koon bich that she is. Ps, Boyfriend, you might want to change the passwords on a daily. Hell hourly. I say, just fuck the bich then dump her once you make it!! Don't settle for less it's unbecoming...There I go again goddamn heat!

FACT: The management is incompetent. So much so that the censormatic (the object in which removes the security censor from the garment, which also screws and unscrews off of the cashwrap) Was left just lying on a table waiting for someone to pick up and walk out with. None of the employees, dumbass sale supervisors, retarded security gaurd, nor the idiot managers notice. (But N Bichie did...)

There is more, excuse me, lots more, but what's the point. As VIC-T said this will be the last time we speak of Barney Shit- OP. You fuckers tried to shit upon us like we were going to just sit back and open our mouths. Well fuck to you all, and to all a good Fuck! (Except for you Shit-OP Biches)

N. Bichie out